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The Catholic Association for Latino Leadership (CALL)  is a non-profit organization created to mobilize Catholic Latinos, empowering them to become who God has called them to be, and inspiring them to lead their communities, our country, and the church.

We embody God's call as members of the Catholic Church through active participation in Christ's mission of evangelization. We recognize our responsibility as leaders within our Hispanic communities, in communion with the bishops, to promote the well-being of the Latino community and the common good in the United States. We are committed to praying together, cultivating our faith with one another, and growing the Catholic Church through service and evangelization.


Hispanics that identify as Catholics represent the largest, youngest, and fastest growing group in the U.S. Understanding and appreciating the demographics, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez and Archbishop Charles Chaput recognized that Latino Catholics can make unique contributions to the Church and founded the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders in 2007. 


Governed by a board of directors comprised of Bishops and faithful lay leaders, we are resolute in our commitment to the Church and its teachings. CALL also cultivates a deep spiritual life through:

  • Faith Formation and Evangelization - enriching the lives of our members by providing concise, applicable, and tangible tools and resources to be utilized in our daily lives. Through our formation growing as missionary disciples so that we can bring others to the loving embrace of God.

  • Service - be of service to our Bishops through projects that will positively impact our Church and communities at large.

  • Public Square - be a national voice on social justice issues and to impact the national dialogue and its outcomes affecting Latinos in areas of life, family, marriage, and Catholic doctrine.

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