On September 22-27, 2015 Philadelphia will carry on a tradition established by St. John Paul II by welcoming the 8th World Meeting of Families. Thousands of international travelers will come together under the theme “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive,” to celebrate and strengthen the sacred bonds of family. Under a complementary motif of “A CALL to Strengthen the Hispanic Family” attendees of the CALL Conference will have the unique opportunity to participate in the public programs of the World Meeting of Families, as well as the faith formation and membership collaboration activities. Check back often for continuous updates.



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7 Things to Know about

CALL’s 8th Annual Conference “A CALL to Strengthen the Hispanic Family” at 8th Annual World Meeting of Families “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive”

1. The Pope comes to America. This is the 1st time the World Meeting of Families will be in the United States (past states include Italy, Brazil, Philippines, Spain, Mexico etc).

2. Projected Attendance for World Meeting of Families

a. 150 Nations to be represented
b.  10,000-15,000 Conference Attendees
b. 1.5 Million in attendance for the Papal Mass 

3. Topics Covered; The CALL Conference & World Meeting of Families will cover the following 10 themes:

a. Created for Joy
b. The Mission of Love
c. The Meaning of Human Sexuality
d. Two Become One
e. Creating the Future
f. All Love Bears Fruit
g. Light in a Dark World
h. A Home for the Wounded Heart
i. Mother, Teacher, Family: The Nature and Role of the Church
j. Choosing Life

We are encouraging each Chapter to purchase the preparatory catechesis book for World Meeting of Families “Love is Our Mission, The Family Fully Alive”

4. CALL’s Role: CALL is making strides to align itself to be the premier Hispanic group at WMOF. We are partnering with the Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and working closely with the World Meeting of Families Special Event Committee and the USSCCB Latin America to ensure that Latinos have an active role and are highlighted positively. 

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5. What to Expect? The World Meeting of Families Conference will take place at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Each day there will be Daily Mass, Devotions, Keynote Addresses, Exhibit Booths and Workshops. There is also a Youth Congress available (ages 6-17), licensed daycare. CALL will also be offering workshops along with membership collaboration activities.

6. Dates: September 22-27, 2015. We are encouraging our members to arrive no later than Wednesday, 23rd.

a. WMOF Conference (Tuesday, Sept 22nd – Friday, Sept 25th)
b. CALL Conference/Events (Friday, Sept 25th – Saturday, Sept 26th)
c. Papal Mass – Sunday, Sept 27th

7. Youth Track. World Meeting of Families is offering a Youth Congress (ages 6-17) and licensed daycare. Families are encouraged to attend.