membershipThe benefits of individual membership are, first and foremost, personal spiritual growth. Additionally, by joining CALL, a member becomes a part of a unique and emerging movement of recognized Hispanic leaders within our country and our Church. Serving as a voice to and for our members and our community, our goal is to grow as a national voice of Hispanics within our Church, with our bishops, legislators, policy makers, the media, and other leaders throughout the country. Members of CALL become part of a unique network of professionals and entrepreneurs with whom they have shared values and faith and from which their collective numbers can make a fundamental difference through public witness on critical issues affecting our Church and community.

Members also have the unique opportunity to interact not just with their own local bishop, but with bishops across the country and the Vatican by participating in CALL’s unique special events and initiatives. These include an annual members conference, an annual retreat, and other special events such as convocations in Rome or events at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, DC.