ourworkThe Work of CALL

The work of the Catholic Association of Latino leaders is critical to the new evangelization in our country. We are the only Catholic organization of Hispanic leaders in this nation and seek to reclaim our true Catholic heritage by actively engaging in areas that will have long term impact in the future of our community and of the United States.

CALL fosters a deep spiritual life through participating in CALL’s local events, national conference, retreats, Rome Pilgrimages and Vatican Embassy receptions. Love for the Church is fostered through working with its local Bishop in one or two specific projects, partnering with other organizations that can execute in the education, mass media and public policy arenas.

CALL is partnering with organizations dedicated to fostering education. 

The strengthening of the catholic education system is a top priority for our organization.Also, CALL seeks to work with the Catholic Education Foundation of each Diocese to leverage the resources of the local community and make sure local Latino leaders are dedicating resources to the fostering of Catholic Education.

Mass Media:
We find ourselves in an era of profound secularism, which has led us to a loss in the capacity to listen and understand the words of the Gospel. Today, no place in the country – or the world for that matter – is beyond reach and unaffected by the media and digital culture, which is now the forum for social interaction. Therefore, CALL is partnering with organizations dedicated to produce and distribute quality content, promoting family values and Church teachings.

CALL is aiming to prepare Latino leaders in presenting the positions of the Catholic Church before secular media so the voice of the formed laity can be heard. 

Public Policy:
CALL is working to partner with organizations that will foster young Latinos to hold leadership positions in public office, promoting the true Catholic Latino voice, be it at their district, county or state level.

They will promote, among other topics, the duty to seek peace; the safeguarding of the rights of persons and minorities; and support for the most vulnerable in society.